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American Licorice Company is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the U.S. candy industry, and we have been focused on creating happy consumer experiences since 1914. We manufacture your favorite Red Vines®, Snaps®, Sour Punch®, Super Ropes®, and Fruit Vines® candies. Explore our site, connect with us, and most of all continue to support us - we love you!

The name alone inspires countless theater memories.

Red Vines® candy brings entertainment and enjoyment to the young at heart.

We at American Licorice Co. make Red Vines® twists with our original old-school batch process, which incorporates the same great ingredients that we started with generations ago.


Sour Punch® Straws, Bites, Twists, and Bits are a sourishly scrumptious treat! Enjoy eating and pairing them with your favorite drink for an awesome new straw slurping experience!

Sour Punch® Straws come in Strawberry, Apple, Blue Rasperry, and Watermelon. Sour Punch® Bits come in Lemon-Lime, Strawberry-Watermelon and Tangerine-Lemonade.


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