Reducing Carbon Emissions

We reported to the Carbon Disclosure Project as part of the 2010 Supply Chain Report for the first time in 2011.  The scoring from reporting gives us an opportunity to identify how we could improve carbon emissions mitigation. 

Our energy efficiency team meets quarterly to review energy and emissions information and identify opportunities to increase efficiencies, through work processes and equipment.   Five year efficiencies in energy use in plant operations have resulted in a 12% absolute emissions reduction .  In La Porte, Indiana, we had an opportunity to make a significant reduction by installing high efficiency lighting, a project that saves us thousands of dollars in electricity costs per year. 

In addition to Operations, we save emissions by reducing commuting, about 49 metric tons per year. 

Using rail to transport products between our plants, an over 60% savings of as compared to trucking, is a significant source of reductions for us, and we are currently working with several customers to use rail shipment where possible.  As partners with the EPA in the SmartWay freight emissions reduction program, our top transportation partners report their emissions to the EPA annually and work to reduce their emissions.

We reduced emissions by an additional 898 metric tons through waste reduction efforts, according to EPA’s WasteWise program.

Following is a recap of recent emissions reductions, equivalied to reduction of automobiles on the road.  You can also see our 5 year emissions report here, which includes the scope three reporting for 2011.


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