American Licorice Co. now has seasonal offerings for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween!

You never know what flavor will pop up …stay tuned to see what our wacky scientists come up with for the next holiday.

  • d-image-8704-sp-tb-blue-raz_horizontal

    Our Blue Raspberry Bits are a standout in any Easter Basket. Available in a 3.1oz Theater Box

  • d-image-8705-sp-tb-cherry-passion_horizontal

    We’re sweet on bite size sour, chewy candy and you will be too once you try our Cherry Passion Bits. Available in a 3.1oz Theater box

  • 3968-sp_-hal_-10-102510-1

    Sour Punch® Bewitching Berry sticks add the perfect “punch” of sweet and sour to your Halloween. Your local ghosts and goblins will thank you for putting them in their Trick or Treat bag this year. Available in a 10oz laydown bag.

  • 3968-sp_-hal_-20-102510-1

    New Sour Punch® Grape and Tangerine-Lemonade twists are a spooktacular treat this Halloween. The taste bud tantalizing individually wrapped twists are perfect for snacking and sharing during the Halloween season. Available in a 20oz laydown bag.

  • 3968-sp_-hal_-30-102510-1

    A bigger bag of Sour Punch® Grape and Tangerine-Lemonade individually wrapped twists means more sour satisfaction for you and your Trick or Treaters! Our fruity flavors pack a sour “punch” that will make your taste buds dance this Halloween. Available in a 30oz laydown bag.

  • 3997-sp_-easter-10oz-042111-1

    Add some “Punch” to your Easter parties with our Sour Punch® twists. These mouthwatering Lemonade, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple twists come in pastel colors to compliment the season. Available in a 10oz laydown bag.


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