Natural Resources and Reducing Impact

Our Goals to Reduce Our Impact

Goal #1, Zero Waste to Landfill by 2016

92% of waste has been redirected from landfills so far, companywide (for the fiscal year 2012).  We’ve significantly reduced the amount of waste we generate and the number of trash pickups.

Read about our Journey to Zero Waste.

We are also working to reduce waste in the supply chain and consumer waste-stream, by reducing and improving the recyclability of packaging as well as using sustainable materials.  You can read about our objectives here.

Goal #2, 10% Reduction in Carbon Emissions per Pound Produced by 2015

Read about our work to reduce our carbon emissions

We’re reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2010.

See our summary of scope one, two, and three carbon emissions by clicking here.

Goal #3, Engage our Associates in Environmental Sustainabiity through Education and Incentives

Read about “Take One Action“, our associate Education and Incentive program here.



Kate rides her bike to work in Bend, Oregon

Laurel assesses waste in Bend






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