Carbon Emissions Report

Summary of Carbon Emissions from Scope One (Stationery Combustion) , Two (Purchased Electricity), and Three (Indirect Upstream and Downstream).




Report to the CDP

Conducted U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Assessment Center energy audits on both plants in 2013

Installed high efficiency lighting in all locations

Implementing daily checklist to reduce energy waste in Union City

Investing in energy efficient compressors and boilers

Increasing the use of rail instead of over the road transportation

Incentivize associates to reduce single driver commuting

Jared commutes to work

Jared commutes to work in Bend

Incentivize associates to increasing carpooling and public transportation in business travel and videoconferencing as alternative to business travel

Offset 100% of electricity in Bend Oregon with Blue Sky wind power purchase

2012 Emissions Reductions

2012 Emissions Reductions




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