Consumer Communications Commitments

At American Licorice, we provide enjoyment, entertainment and fun to millions of people each year through our brands. We believe our products can be part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. When American Licorice communicates with consumers, we encourage responsible consumption, so that consumers can continue to enjoy our brands in the future. American Licorice values the opportunity to communicate with all consumers about the company’s products and wishes to do so respectfully and responsibly, especially to those under age 12. To this end, American Licorice is proud to be a sponsor of the Alliance for Family Entertainment. American Licorice’s vehicles for consumer communications include, but are not limited to, television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, Internet advertising, social network participation, social media content creation, sponsorships, product sampling and company-run websites.

In communicating with current and prospective consumers, these are the commitments we make:

  1. Fifty percent or more of each brand’s annual media buy (in dollars) should reach those age 12 and older.
  2. American Licorice consumer communications must be honest in the portrayal of product attributes, including any claims about nutritional values. In the interest of forthrightness, nutrition information for a representative sampling of our products will be published on the corporate website.
  3. American Licorice consumer communications should not showcase violent or offensive behavior. In addition, communications efforts should not encourage discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion or political affiliation. Where appropriate, we will use consumer communications to foster beneficial values and behaviors, including honesty, integrity, respect, playfulness, community and friendship.
  4. American Licorice consumer communications will, where appropriate, encourage active lifestyles and healthy eating choices. Further, consumer communications will not disparage the pursuit of an active lifestyle or healthy eating choices. Our consumer messaging should not imply that confectionery products are a replacement for balanced meals.
  5. American Licorice consumer communications should feature reasonable portion sizes for the situation depicted.
  6. American Licorice consumer communications should not show children engaged in dangerous activities, daredevil stunts or encourage offensive behavior.
  7. American Licorice television, social media communications, third-party print and third-party Internet advertising will not show children under the age of eight to promote confectionery products unless accompanied by adults or unless images are submitted as part of user-generated content.
  8. When communicating with consumers online, American Licorice representatives will appropriately identify themselves and respect the confidential information of fans and followers.
  9. When creating content intended for social media network consumption and managing social network fan pages, American Licorice will respect copyright and intellectual property, supporting the guidelines established by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998.
  10. American Licorice websites will be open and available to people of all ages, but will require registration and age verification for contests and sweepstakes in accordance with COPPA/CARU guidelines.
  11. American Licorice supports the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, the Alliance for Family Entertainment and the National Confectioners Association in their current efforts to encourage responsible marketing to children.
  12. American Licorice will refrain from producing content that uses third-party licensed characters in our advertising campaigns, websites and social-media outreach, except where those characters are integral to the product.
  13. American Licorice sends free sample products to reporters and bloggers for their review. Whenever American Licorice sends free product or provides any other type of incentive to a reporter or blogger, we request that they clearly disclose that in the body of their review.
  14. American Licorice publishes these Consumer Communications Commitments on our corporate website, so that they are readily available for public review and response.
  15. American Licorice Consumer Communications Commitments will be reviewed and updated at least annually.

First Published: November 2008


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