23,000 pounds of clothes donated to 7th Generation recycling

By AmLic Team on January 18, 2013 | Category: News | Comments Off on 23,000 pounds of clothes donated to 7th Generation recycling


Joaquin and clothing colleciton in Union CityIn Union City, Joaquin has been organizing used clothing collection for several years.  This year, Union City broke a record in used clothing collection, donating over 23,000 pounds ore more than 11 tons  of clothes per year.  The clothing is collected by 7th Generation recycling, an organization that provides second hand clothing to third world nations.  Textiles represent about 8 percent of materials in U.S. landfills, according to this organization.  Recycling clothing saves landfill space, reduces the use of resources needed to make new clothing, and provides necessary assistance to these nations.

By placing two large bins, right in our parking lot, we make it easier for our associates to be able to recycle their clothing.  7th Generation Recycling provides the bins and picks up the clothing.  Some of the clothing ends up in local thrift shops and the rest is sent to exporters who ship the clothes to third world nations.

According to 7th Generation Recycling, 53 percent of clothes recovered are recycled as secondhand, 20 percent are converted to wiping and polishing clothes, and 26 percent are converted into fiber to be made into recycled textile products.

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