Restoring Gulf Coast Habitat, “these resources affect all areas of the United States in a big way”

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Last week Scott Sanders, from our IT Group, worked with ClifBar and several other companies to restore wetlands in the Gulf Coast.  This is the second year we’ve partnered with ClifBar on the In Good Company program.  By bringing groups of companies together in service, we create a “powerful force for positive change”.

By Scott Sanders

That area where we were working is amazing. One side was fresh water and the other was salt water (The gulf).  If you can picture it we were living in the middle of 2 levees, and we were below sea level. The large ships were actually passing by on higher ground. You could literally walk from one side to the other in 10-15 minutes.

The real story about the area is the deltas (land made by silt flowing down the river) are disappearing and are not being rebuilt like they should.  This causes land to disappear, which changes the animal habitat and also decreases a buffer zone for hurricanes. This was caused by the levees being put in on the Mississippi river for shipping years and years ago. There seems to be no simple fix and there is a lot of political fighting constantly going on. The Mississippi is such a huge resource for its shipping channel (requires dredging and levees), recreational fishing, commercial fishing, and oil that they need to find a solution that can work for all groups. These resources affect all areas of the United States in a big way.

Scott with Gulf Saver Bag

– The cloth bag was made from a group of disabled adults. We filled them and placed them on the delta.

– We filled 1,000 bags but placed 4,000 on the delta. Each bag was staked in, and several plants placed in the bag.

– The idea is that the tide comes in and deposits silt around each bag causing this land to build and stopping the fresh water from turning in to salt water. This seems to be working.

– The group that does this is called Restore the Earth and In Good Company partnered with them to help.

– We worked every day with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

– We talked to many of the local people, and they had some amazing stories to tell–about what they have gone through with Katrina and also about the local area.

In Good Company (ClifBar) is very organized, and everything was well planned out.  There is very little down time…they run a tight schedule.

Restoration work


Birds eye view of the delta

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